Working with environmental volunteer organizations offers you a wide range of benefits. From exciting travel opportunities to impactful work, volunteering is a powerful and purposeful experience.

When searching for the best environmental organizations to volunteer with, you need a clear idea of what you want to gain from your experience. Do you want to meet like-minded people? Work with animals? Whatever your mission, environmental volunteer organizations can help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll cover how working with environmental volunteer organizations can help you:

  1. Travel to exciting places
  2. Make an impact
  3. Experience personal growth

Discover the exciting benefits of working with environmental volunteer organizations with Further Travel! Our range of programs allows you to travel and make a difference in countries across Asia, South Africa, and more. Since 2021, we’ve created life-changing bucket list experiences for volunteers aged 18-35. We help committed environmental volunteers explore the world and do good. Let’s look into the benefits of travelling with environmental volunteer organizations like Further Travel.

Travel with Environmental Volunteer Organizations

Working with environmental volunteer organizations is an invigorating way to travel the world. If you’re someone who is looking for more than just a holiday, committing to a volunteer travel program is a great way to give back to the earth and local communities.

Since 2013, participation in volunteering has dropped by 14% in England. By working with environmental volunteer organizations, you’ll use your time to see beautiful places and be part of work that protects the planet. Let’s look at how different destinations provide unique volunteering opportunities.

Travel to Exciting Destinations

Environmental volunteer organizations offer exciting destinations where you can truly make an impact. The place you choose will determine the type of volunteer work you’ll do. In order to see the world and make a difference, it helps to understand where volunteers are needed in different locations.

At Further Travel, we offer volunteer programs in: 

Each of these locations focuses on specific areas where volunteers can assist in conservation efforts and wildlife projects. Our connections with local groups and sanctuaries allow you to gain meaningful experiences working with fellow volunteers in beautiful destinations. 

Travelling to global destinations is an empowering way for volunteers to learn and grow. Finding a flexible program that suits your needs is the next step in working with the best environmental volunteer organizations. 

Combine travel, adventure, and purpose in your next trip by working with Further Travel! Discover our flexible options for environmental volunteers who want to contribute to the preservation of our planet and explore exciting destinations.

Flexible Travel Options

Finding the right travel option with environmental volunteer organizations plays a big part in deciding what kind of program is right for you. At Further Travel, we offer options that cover a wide range of timeframes to ensure our volunteers get the most out of their travel experience. We’ll cover our options for programs that go for:

  • 0-11 days
  • 11-20 days
  • 20+ days

A key part of our focus at Further Travel is the balance of fun and engaging opportunities. From getting to know local communities to participating in projects, we want you to get a well-rounded experience from your itinerary. Let’s look at the trips we offer and the benefits of flexible travel options.

0-11 Day Programs

Short and sweet programs give you the opportunity to make a difference, all while not compromising on any other commitments you may have. But don’t be mistaken, a shorter itinerary doesn’t mean less adventure! 

Our 10 Day Adventure in Bali is a great option for volunteers who are interested in exploring South East Asia. Learn to surf, explore local temples, and get your adrenaline pumping with white water rafting! Volunteers will spend day three of the trip at the local Serangan Turtle Conservation Centre. Day five of the trip is dedicated to working with a local NGO to teach classes for people with special needs.

11-20 Day Programs

A more common time frame for environmental volunteer programs covers 2-3 weeks. This offers you flexible travel options that can easily fit in with summer break. Our 11-20 day programs cover destinations that offer unique experiences and satisfying volunteer opportunities.

If you’re an animal lover, our Animal Conservation program is a perfect volunteering opportunity. Spend 2 weeks in South Africa, where you’ll work in a local wildlife sanctuary and have opportunities to explore Port Elizabeth. For volunteers looking for a mix of action and adventure, our Bali Explorer program is a great fit. This jam-packed itinerary covers everything from snorkelling tours to teaching in local schools. 

20+ Day Programs

For volunteers who want to get involved in lengthier programs, our Ultimate Adventure is a great option. Spend 3 weeks in Thailand, where you’ll explore Bangkok, Phuket, the Phi Phi Islands, and more. Get to know the elephants at a local sanctuary and dive head first into fun activities like kayaking through mangroves and visiting stunning waterfalls. 

If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, our Teaching & Sports Coaching program is the perfect fit for you. Over 5 weeks, you’ll teach English in local South African schools and coach sports in the community. It’s the ultimate way to give back and explore a new destination. Get to know Port Elizabeth, visit Jefferson’s Bay, and explore nearby national parks in your free time. You’ll get a great balance of adventure and impact over the course of the program!

Further Travel’s Programs

At Further Travel, we design our programs to ensure a well-rounded adventure for our volunteers. As an environmental volunteer organization, we focus on ways to give back and have fun. Some of our most popular programs include:

We provide programs that support wildlife and environmental conservation efforts and include local communities. We deliver the best travel abroad summer programs for adventurous volunteers who seek opportunities to grow and change the world for the better. Let us help you get started on your environmental volunteer journey!

Make an Impact through Environmental Volunteer Organizations

While participation in volunteering has fluctuated over the past decade, there’s no denying that volunteers have a powerful impact on our ecosystems. From environmental conservation initiatives to social impact missions, you’ll power positive change. In this section, we’ll look at the benefits of working with environmental volunteer organizations for getting involved in:

  1. Environmental conservation
  2. Wildlife conservation
  3. Social impact initiatives

At Further Travel, we’re committed to creating programs that support the planet and global communities. Learn about our commitment to sustainability, and discover how you can travel with purpose through Further Travel.

Environmental Impact Opportunities

Over 75% of people in the UK understand that climate change is a serious problem – one that requires everyone to do their bit in order to see real change. Finding environmental organizations to volunteer at is a great step in taking action against environmental issues. 

At Further Travel, our programs cover environmental and wildlife conservation efforts. Our volunteers get first-hand experience working in sanctuaries and with organizations that are dedicated to improving the planet. Let’s look closer at the benefits of volunteering in environmental conservation and how you can get involved.

Environmental Conservation

When working with environmental volunteer organizations, conservation projects are a great way to give back and explore diverse ecosystems. Volunteers assist in a variety of initiatives to protect, restore, and monitor regions that are facilitated through local organizations. You’ll experience hands-on work that expands your knowledge of environmental matters and makes a difference.

Immerse yourself in a natural landscape as you assist in beach cleans in the Maldives. Work with Save the Beach on the island of Vilimalé to conduct reef surveys, coral frames, and plant coral. Assist in tree-planting initiatives and join forces with local communities as you participate in island clean-ups

Environmental conservation projects arranged through volunteer organizations give you the tools to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Further Travel focuses on creating rewarding volunteer programs so that you don’t have to build an environmental volunteer trip from scratch. Instead, you get to be actively involved in reducing pollution, building sustainable practices, and educating others about environmental matters, with a team of like-minded people.

Wildlife Conservation

A benefit when travelling to exciting destinations is the chance to volunteer in wildlife conservation projects. Give back to nature as you explore new places and work with organizations that focus on habitat restoration and caring for animals. Whether you’re volunteering in an elephant sanctuary or visiting turtle conservation centres, you’ll find that volunteering in wildlife conservation is deeply rewarding.

Volunteers who love animals can put their passion into action with Further Travel's many animal conservation programs, like Rescue P.A.W.S Our Camp Thailand Program is a life changing adventure that allows you to make a difference to stray dogs.

Get to know animals that aren’t as common in your home country and build strong friendships with fellow volunteers as you work together. Wildlife conservation is a powerful way for animal-loving volunteers to connect with nature and make a difference. Gather valuable information on wildlife populations, assist in the care and rehabilitation of animals, and learn from leaders in organizations that are working to protect biodiversity.

Social Impact Opportunities 

While travelling abroad, environmental volunteer organizations offer programs that immerse volunteers in local culture. From teaching in schools to working with local community groups, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to create social impact through volunteering.

Access areas that are off the beaten path and connect with indigenous communities that will enrich your global awareness. Learn about different customs and traditions as you immerse yourself in a different culture. Social impact projects within communities also allow you to expand your knowledge of other cultures and gain new perspectives. Learn from respected authorities who can share in-depth knowledge about the location you’re visiting. 

Work with educational programs and expand your cross-cultural understanding and develop connections with locals. There are plenty of ways that volunteering engages you to create a social impact through community lead initiatives. From teaching English and mathematics to coaching local sports, Further Travel focuses on providing social impact opportunities that support our mission of creating life-changing cultural exchange opportunities.

Experience Personal Growth Working with Environmental Volunteer Organizations

Travelling is one of the greatest ways to learn about yourself and get out of your comfort zone! Working with environmental volunteer organizations pushes you to engage in unfamiliar communities and surroundings. It’s an opportunity to learn from experience and expand your global awareness. One of the biggest benefits of being a volunteer is the amount of personal growth you’ll experience during your travels! 

In this section, we’ll look at how volunteering:

  1. Gets you out of your comfort zone
  2. Helps you find like-minded people
  3. Has helped previous Further Travel volunteers

Discover why travelling and volunteering are the ultimate way to experience personal growth with Further Travel! But first, let’s look at how environmental volunteer organizations can help you get out of your comfort zone.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone comes with a wide range of benefits. It’s an exciting way to learn new things about yourself and develop character. Some of the benefits we’ll focus on include:

  1. Exposure to new perspectives
  2. Becoming adaptable
  3. Experiencing personal growth
  4. Increasing your fitness

Environmental volunteer organizations offer unique ways to get out of your comfort zone throughout your travels. Keeping an open mind and being curious are surefire ways to get the most out of your experience. 

Exposure to new perspectives

By working within local communities and interacting with people who have different customs, you’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking. Working with people of different backgrounds encourages you to strengthen your global communication skills and learn from those who do not speak your language.

Becoming adaptable

Exploring new places exposes you to a variety of different conditions. From humid weather to strange insects, you’ll find yourself in new situations that you’ll have to navigate across your travels. Your volunteering experience will offer you opportunities to grow new skills and further your ability to adapt. It’s an immersive way to become more flexible and grounded within yourself as you’ll be doing things you never expected!

Experiencing personal growth

Through experiencing the unfamiliarity that comes with travelling and volunteering, you’ll discover your resilience and gain self-confidence. Learn just how capable you are at building new skills and making a difference! You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and growth that comes from your experience.

Increasing your fitness

No matter what kind of volunteering appeals to you, travel can put you into new environments that require you to push yourself physically. From hiking, swimming, or biking, you’ll find that travel brings the chance to push yourself to try new activities. See your fitness increase as you adapt to these challenges!

Work with Like-Minded People

Working with environmental volunteer organizations provides the opportunity to meet and volunteer with like-minded people. Build friendships and connections with people from all over the world as you travel and volunteer. Some of the key benefits of working with like-minded people include:

  • Sharing a purpose
  • Motivating one another
  • Exchanging knowledge and ideas
  • Building a global network

Volunteers have the opportunity to collaborate with other people who share a passion for conservation and sustainability. Although coming from diverse backgrounds, you’ll experience a sense of camaraderie as you work towards a common goal. 

Through your shared interests you’ll create a supportive environment where you can uplift each other’s action and passion. You can learn great skills from one another’s expertise and interests. You’ll work together to solve problems and serve local communities as you make a difference. 

Best of all, your connections continue after the program! Bond over your experiences and create lifelong memories. You’ll feel a sense of belonging as you continue to keep up with the lasting connections you’ve built during your Further Travel project. 

Being part of a team of volunteers is an enormous benefit that comes with working with environmental volunteer organizations. You'll develop life-long friendships that can help you to continue making an impact after your program.

Further Travel’s Mission

At Further Travel, our mission focuses on offering a range of cultural, enriching, and life-changing experiences with a focus on sustainability, travelling with care, and giving back to the places we visit. Our 4 Pillars focus on fun, community, culture, and volunteering to deliver unique and engaging programs that promote positive action change.


We believe that travel and fun go hand in hand. Our experiences are about more than just travel. We want our participants to have joyful experiences that deeply impact them! Laughter is a crucial part of any Further Travel experience. We provide programs that are equally enriching and engaging so that our customers have fun during their adventures!


Our programs bring like-minded people together to build strong friendships. 80% of our customers are solo travellers who quickly go on to make friends for life! We believe travel offers some of the best opportunities for bonding and creating memories over shared experiences. Creating a community over the course of our travel programs is what makes working with Further Travel special!


Cultural exchange is at the heart of Further Travel. Our programs offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in authentic cultures across the world. From cycling through the ancient ruins of Thailand to visiting the Gates of Heaven in Bali, our programs take you off the beaten track and provide enriching cultural experiences!


At the heart of our programs is volunteering and making a difference. We love connecting passionate volunteers with community projects that change lives. From restoring beaches to teaching in schools, our diverse range of volunteering opportunities makes our programs an exciting and uplifting experience. See first-hand how your actions can make a difference!

Further Travel’s Testimonials

At Further Travel, our volunteers are more than just travellers. They’re students, writers, change-makers and more! Discover how our programs have positively impacted previous participants and how we can take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

Hannah’s Summer Experience:

I’ve just had the summer of a lifetime and I’m so grateful that I’ve been blessed enough to have so many wonderful experiences and meet so many new people. My summer brought joys, challenges, laughter and sunburn and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s been a dream of mine for years to go to Thailand and experience a totally new culture (and see the beautiful elephants). I had so many new and exciting opportunities while I was over there; including teaching English in a local school, shopping at night markets, cooking authentic Thai food and the absolute highlight for me was working with elephants.

See more testimonials from our volunteers!

Work With Further Travel for the Best Environmental Volunteer Organization Opportunities

Contact us today at or call us to start working with the best environmental volunteer organizations! We’ll help you travel the world and make an impact. Start your application here, or visit our website for more details on the perfect program for you!

May 31, 2023

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