Over the last decade, voluntourism has increased in popularity. For travelers who are passionate about wildlife and environmentalism, finding impactful ways to help protect the planet is a great motivator for heading abroad. In this article, we’ll explore how you can ethically support global wildlife conservation efforts and have fun in the process.

We’ll dive into how Further Travel tackles eco-volunteering differently by focusing on:

  • Types of organizations you’ll work with
  • Volunteering tasks you’ll participate in
  • Benefits of volunteering with global wildlife conservation groups

Are you looking to provide a tangible impact and go on an adventure? Further Travel offers sustainable trips that focus on protecting astounding ecosystems. Explore beautiful locations, connect with other volunteers, and work with local wildlife, all while making new friends and creating lifelong memories! Explore our trips to get started on your volunteering journey.

Types of Global Wildlife Conservation Organizations

To help you get the most out of your volunteering experience, we offer a diverse range of opportunities to work with conservation organizations during your trip. From wildlife conservation NGOs to local sanctuaries, you’ll connect with a variety of groups that all focus on ethical volunteering methods to help animals. 

In this section, we’ll explore the types of organizations you’ll work with during your trip with Further Travel, including:

  1. Turtle conservation
  2. Elephant sanctuaries
  3. Rescue P.A.W.S.
  4. Game reserves and education centers

At Further Travel, we believe the best way to assist with global wildlife conservation is to get immersed in the experience. Find the right program for you and enjoy an adventure that is packed with purpose.

Turtle Conservation 

Around the world, turtle conservation efforts have become a crucial part of wildlife protection. In Southeast Asia alone habitats are continuously threatened by human interference. Turtle populations are dwindling due to illegal trade, leaving global wildlife conservation organizations working hard to protect them.

Bali has a range of turtle species that are all considered vulnerable due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Marine pollution
  • Illegal trade and poaching
  • Habitat destruction

Further Travel connects you with local turtle sanctuaries across Bali and Thailand that work to rehabilitate and care for turtles who have been affected by man-made threats. Our Camp Thailand programs allow volunteers to get up close and personal with turtles and participate in activities that help restore natural habitats. 

By volunteering at the Serangan Turtle Conservation Centre, you’ll learn about how global wildlife conservation programs impact turtles and raise awareness about the issues that are devastating turtle populations.

Elephant Sanctuaries

Elephants in Asia and Africa face an increasing number of threats. From the highly illegal ivory trade to habitat loss, global elephant populations are more endangered than ever.

Elephants are considered sacred and linked to Thailand’s history and national identity. The white elephant is a symbol of the Thai royal family, known as the chang samkhan, that represents strength, loyalty, and longevity. Aside from the cultural significance of elephants in Thailand, the gentle giant’s presence in Asia has also become the subject of cruel tourism programs that overwork and abuse captive elephants. 

Elephant sanctuaries across Asia are working hard to assist global wildlife conservation efforts and protect local elephant populations. Sanctuaries rescue and care for elephants who have been displaced from their habitats and treated poorly in tourism. Sanctuaries raise awareness about the mistreatment of elephants and improve the quality of life for local populations. In doing so, elephants are protected from harsh conditions and threats.

At Camp Elephant, volunteers have the opportunity to assist at sanctuaries in Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai. By volunteering with local sanctuaries you’ll have the opportunity to care for and learn about Asian elephants. Participate in activities that help socialize the elephants and give them plenty of love and attention. 

Rescue P.A.W.S.

Across Thailand, there is an overwhelming number of neglected dogs and cats. Due to the overpopulation of these animals, many go uncared for and become a nuisance within local communities. However, Rescue P.A.W.S. is doing something about it.

Rescue P.A.W.S. aims to improve the quality of life for stray animals in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province of Thailand. Through sterilization, vaccination, and education, Rescue P.A.W.S. gives animals the care and attention they need to improve their well-being and create a healthy relationship with humans. 

Camp Rescue P.A.W.S. is an immersive experience for dog lovers. Over two weeks volunteers will explore Thailand and work closely with stray dogs to provide critical care (and cuddles). By working with Rescue P.A.W.S., volunteers will gain insight into how global wildlife conservation impacts local communities and improves the lives of dogs and humans alike. 

South Africa Animal Conservation

Throughout South Africa, wildlife consistently faces poacher threats and harsh tourism practices. The big five in particular face a constant threat. The animals this affects include:

  1. Lions
  2. Leopards
  3. Rhinoceroses
  4. Elephants
  5. Buffalo

In South Africa global wildlife conservation focuses on protecting the Big Five and other native animals. Sanctuaries like Kwantu Game Reserve offer immersive volunteer experiences that focus on informing visitors about the threats that impact local wildlife.

Visits and tasks to the on-site welfare foundation Big Cat Rescue and Education Centre and Animal Rehabilitation Centre are a big part of your volunteer experience. Work closely to care for animals, provide lectures, and learn about the local wildlife history during your two weeks at Camp South Africa: Animal Conservation. You’ll have an unforgettable experience as you get to know local wildlife and fellow volunteers who care deeply about the welfare of some of South Africa’s most infamous creatures.

Camp Bali volunteers with turtles at Serangan Turtle Conservation Center
Further Travel team members volunteering at Serangan Turtle Conservation Center

Volunteer Tasks at Global Wildlife Conservation Organizations

During your tour, you’ll be tasked with a range of responsibilities that cover everything from feeding wildlife to assisting with research efforts. We’ve designed our programs to use responsible voluntourism practices that support local communities and NGOs in their missions to protect wildlife and conserve natural resources.

In this section, we’ll focus on the different types of tasks you’ll participate in during your global wildlife conservation trip. We’ve broken the responsibilities down into the following three categories:

  1. Wildlife care and rehabilitation
  2. Habitat conservation and protection
  3. Awareness and education

Whether this is your first conservation-focused trip or you’re a seasoned eco-volunteer, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow when traveling with Further Travel. Get acquainted with stunning local wildlife as you explore Thailand, Bali, South Africa, and more! Let’s start by diving into how you can assist with local wildlife care and rehabilitation.

Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation

No matter whether you’re interested in caring for dogs, turtles, or elephants, expect to get your hands dirty as you volunteer with local organizations. Your duties during wildlife care and rehabilitation projects will focus on performing essential day-to-day tasks that assist sanctuaries and organizations in running smoothly.

During your time with Camp Thailand and Camp Bali, your visits to local elephant sanctuaries will cover a range of tasks, including:

  • Preparing treats such as fruit and sticky rice balls
  • Bathing the elephants in nearby rivers
  • Planting food such as banana trees and sugarcane
  • Feeding the elephants

When volunteering in turtle sanctuaries, you’ll provide assistance that is crucial to improving the quality of life for turtle populations. From feeding the turtles to maintaining the grounds and enclosures, you’ll have plenty to do that aids turtles directly and educates local communities.

During your time volunteering with Rescue P.A.W.S., your responsibilities will focus on delivering direct care to stray dogs. Some of your daily tasks will include: 

  • Feeding the animals
  • Taking the dogs for beach walks
  • Assisting with health checks and vaccinations

When volunteering during your time at Camp South Africa: Animal Conservation you’ll be tasked with a number of responsibilities that impact the resident wildlife. Get up close and personal with animals that are being saved, rehabilitated, and are almost ready to be released back into the wild. Your day will include tasks such as:

  • Maintenance around the reserve
  • Feeding animals
  • Caring for animals

Habitat Conservation and Protection

A critical part of any global wildlife conservation effort is the preservation and protection of habitats. During your volunteer experience, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to participate in meaningful tasks that help the places that you visit to improve local ecology.

Plant trees and coral in The Maldives in between your relaxing beach days and fun island adventures. Pick up trash on beaches across Southeast Asia and protect local wildlife from pollution. Work closely with NGOs to improve local conditions for animals that are being released back into the wild during your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with Further Travel.

Global Wildlife Conservation Awareness and Education

Raising awareness and educating people about threats that face animals is another important aspect of assisting with global wildlife conservation. In all of our volunteer programs, you’ll have the opportunity to assist local NGOs in a variety of ways that focus on education, data, and research.

During your Further Travel experience, one of the ways you’ll spend your time volunteering is by assisting with data collection. Whether you’re in Thailand or The Maldives, local organizations need help collecting critical data on local wildlife populations and habitats. You’ll find your time spent completing field research and collecting information is of great value to conservation groups. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of local wildlife threats and solutions. By expanding your knowledge, you’ll be able to deliver educational programs and lectures to visitors at local sanctuaries and reserves and impart wisdom on global wildlife conservation efforts. By getting involved in the conversation you’re making an impact, delivering critical information, and seeing first-hand how your actions are improving an animal's life.

Camp Maldives volunteers planting trees on the beach
Planting trees with Camp Maldives

Benefits of Volunteering at Global Wildlife Conservation Organizations

Combining your next adventure abroad with an eco-volunteering trip is an exciting way to see the world through a new lens. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to travel while assisting global wildlife conservation efforts and seeing the positive impacts of taking action. 

The benefits of volunteering that we’ll focus on in this section include:

Expand your knowledge and awareness of environmental issues as you visit exotic destinations. With Further Travel, your next volunteering trip is just a click away! Discover how you can make a difference on your next trip and connect with us today.

Purposeful Travel

Exploring new places is a great way to learn about yourself. Having an itinerary that focuses on creating an impact is a purposeful way to travel and get the most out of your abroad experience. With Further Travel, your next trip boasts exciting adventures and rewarding opportunities to experience deep personal growth.

Expand your empathy and emotional intelligence by contributing to a program that seeks out opportunities to create positive change. Your journey will provide you with lifelong skills that focus on creating a better future for our planet and acknowledging the rich and important history of the places you’ll explore. Expand your cultural awareness and head home with a new appreciation for the places you’ve visited.

Your Further Travel experience ensures your next adventure takes you to beautiful places and helps you increase your knowledge of global wildlife conservation. Feel confident in participating in a trip that gives back to the communities you visit and creates fantastic memories.

Meet Like-Minded People

Your Further Travel trip is arranged so that you’ll travel as part of a group. This is a great way to meet fellow volunteers and build friendships as you participate in eco-focused activities. 

During your journey, your interactions with fellow volunteers will be a quick way to build your networking skills. By engaging with local NGOs and community groups, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to make connections with other eco-minded people as you focus on tasks dedicated to protecting wildlife. Your Further Travel trip is sure to introduce to you a diverse range of people who you’ll develop close bonds with!

But, don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play! Attend beach parties and venture out to local dives and events during your Further Travel experience. You’ll also be connecting with fellow campers through fun adventures in your free time where you’ll create lasting connections.

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Create Lifelong Memories

From the immersive volunteering activities to the exciting destinations you’ll visit, your Further Travel trip is full of opportunities to create lifelong memories. Get out of your comfort zone and into nature! See stunning waterfalls, ancient temples, and beautiful trails. Swim in crystal clear waters on the stunning beaches of Bali, Thailand, and The Maldives, where you’ll see local wildlife thriving. There’s so much to experience with Further Travel!

But don’t just take our word for it. When asking our former campers about their experiences, Sonya from Camp Thailand had this to say:

“Camp Thailand has been the best experience of my life so far. It’s been different to what I had initially expected but in a really good way. During our time here, we’ve done so much: teaching, working with the elephants at the sanctuary which was incredible, Thai boxing lessons, traditional cooking lessons. The trip has been so much fun, it’s been jam-packed with amazing activities from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep. I decided to sign up for Camp Thailand because I wanted to work with the kids and work in the community – you definitely see the impact that your participation has firsthand, which has been fantastic.”

See more Camp Thailand reviews, and discover what amazing adventures await you.

Connect With Further Travel and Become a Global Wildlife Conservation Volunteer!

At Further Travel we pride ourselves on creating bucket list opportunities that help volunteers grow and have life-changing adventures. We focus on sustainability and diverse cultural experiences to enrich our travelers during their trips with us.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Explore our exciting range of destinations and find your perfect volunteer trip! Contact us today to learn more about Further Travel’s range of tours and how we can help you see the world and make a difference.

Oct 20, 2023

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