As a 2024 UNESCO report revealed that there is an urgent need for a whopping 44 million teachers by the year 2030, it’s become clear how important it is to support students interested in education. That’s why opportunities such as teaching summer internship programmes are vital, so that students like you can feel invigorated, passionate, and bastioned as they launch their education careers. 

In this article, we’ll be covering where and how to find summer internship programmes in education, covering topics such as: 

  1. Benefits of teaching summer internship programmes abroad 
  2. Where to find summer internship programmes abroad 
  3. Teaching summer internship programmes in Thailand 
  4. Other summer internship programme opportunities

At Further Travel’s Camp Thailand, we organise group trips around the beautiful islands that are dedicated to interning and teaching, so students can have both a fun and impactful summer experience. Our programs like Teaching Placement and Summer Teach are made for students who want to balance community service and fun–but more on that later!

If you’re already excited and ready to start your teaching summer internship programme experience with Camp Thailand, you can apply now! You can also contact us, look through our common application questions, or see FAQs for more info. 

Benefits of Teaching Summer Internship Programme Abroad 

Teaching is inherently a rewarding experience, as you are able to make a clear and tangible impact on young minds that are eager to learn and grow as individuals. While finding a teaching job in your local community might feel more practical, there are actually numerous benefits to choosing a teaching summer internship programme abroad. Some of these include: 

  1. Personal growth and development
  2. Professional experience and career building 
  3. Cultural immersion and exchange 

Personal Growth and Development 

Taking part in a teaching summer internship programme abroad offers interns a unique opportunity for personal growth and development, fostering valuable skills and qualities that are essential for success in both professional and personal life. 

As you teach in a foreign country, you will learn how to take on leadership roles within the classroom and community. Interns may be responsible for planning and delivering lessons, managing classroom dynamics, and guiding students towards learning objectives. Other opportunities for leadership development include: 

  • Leading a classroom of diverse learners requires interns to demonstrate initiative, decision-making abilities, and effective problem-solving skills.
  • Interns learn to inspire and motivate their students, cultivating leadership qualities such as confidence, resilience, and empathy.
  • By taking charge of their teaching responsibilities, interns develop a sense of ownership and accountability for the educational outcomes of their students.

Another form of personal growth teaching summer interns will experience is developing skills in adaptability. Teaching abroad presents interns with a variety of challenges and unfamiliar situations that require adaptability and flexibility. Interns must adapt to new teaching environments, educational systems, and cultural norms.

Adapting to the needs and learning styles of diverse students from different cultural backgrounds requires interns to be resourceful, creative, and open-minded. Facing unexpected obstacles and setbacks, such as language barriers or cultural misunderstandings, teaches interns to approach challenges with resilience and optimism. 

Professional Experience and Career Building 

Participating in a teaching summer internship programme abroad provides interns with invaluable professional experience and skill-building opportunities that can significantly enhance their resumes and give them a competitive edge in their future careers. 

Teaching abroad demonstrates to potential employers that interns possess a diverse skill set, including adaptability, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, experience teaching in a multicultural setting showcases interns' ability to work effectively with diverse populations and navigate cross-cultural environments.

Interns can highlight their teaching experience abroad as evidence of their global perspective, intercultural competence, and willingness to step outside their comfort zone. Including a teaching internship on a resume demonstrates initiative, independence, and a commitment to professional growth. 

You can, for example, emphasize specific achievements such as student progress, successful lesson plans, as well as cultural and language immersion to your potential employer and stand out amongst your peers. 

Cultural Immersion and Exchange 

Participating in a teaching summer internship programme abroad offers interns unparalleled opportunities for cultural immersion and exchange, fostering language learning, cultural exploration, and meaningful connections with local communities. 

  1. Opportunities for Language Learning: Teaching abroad provides interns with immersive language learning experiences as they interact with students, colleagues, and community members in the local language. By immersing themselves in the language and culture of the host country, interns gain a deeper understanding of the local community and develop cross-cultural communication skills.
  2. Cultural Exploration: Living and working in a foreign country provides interns with firsthand experiences of cultural practices and perspectives that cannot be fully captured through textbooks or travel guides. When you are not on the clock, you can participate in cultural activities, such as festivals, ceremonies, and cultural performances, that deepen their appreciation for the host culture.
  3. Building Relationships with Local Communities: Teaching abroad fosters meaningful connections and friendships with students, colleagues, and members of the local community. Interns collaborate with local teachers, administrators, and community leaders to support educational initiatives and community development projects. Building relationships with students allows interns to make a positive impact on their lives and futures, creating lasting memories and bonds.

From language learning and cultural exploration to building relationships with local communities, interns gain invaluable experiences that broaden their horizons, deepen their understanding of global diversity, and foster connections that last a lifetime.

Where to Find Summer Internship Programmes Abroad 

With so many benefits attached to finding summer internship programmes abroad, the next step is to start finding these opportunities to begin applying! But where can you find these programmes, and how do you know if they are legitimate? Here are a few ways you can find summer internship programmes abroad: 

  1. Online job boards 
  2. University career offices
  3. Social media 
  4. Networking events 

Finding Summer Internship Programmes: Online Job Boards 

Online job boards often feature a variety of international internship opportunities across different industries and sectors. Online job boards provide a wide range of internship options and make it easy to search and apply for positions from anywhere in the world.

While these job boards offer convenience and accessibility, they may lack personalized support and guidance for interns navigating the complexities of finding an internship abroad. Additionally, competition for positions on these platforms can be fierce, making it challenging for interns to stand out.

Finding Summer Internship Programmes: University Career Offices

University careers offices frequently provide resources and support for students seeking internship opportunities abroad, including access to job postings, application assistance, and funding opportunities.

University careers offices offer personalized support and guidance tailored to students' needs, including assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, and visa requirements.

While university careers offices can be helpful resources, they may have limited internship options available and may prioritize local or domestic opportunities over international placements. Additionally, accessing these services may be restricted to current students or alumni of specific universities. 

Finding Summer Internship Programmes: Social Media 

With social media platforms being a dominant form of marketing and communication, more and more organisations are posting job opportunities on their profiles. Social media platforms such as Instagram provide a platform for organizations to showcase their internship programmes and engage with prospective interns in a more informal and interactive way.

While social media can be a valuable tool for networking and exploring internship opportunities, the sheer volume of information and advertisements can make it difficult for interns to identify reputable programmes and discern between legitimate opportunities and scams.

Why Choose Further Travel Summer Internship Programmes 

International summer internship programmes, especially in teaching, can be incredibly impactful but require consistent care, maintenance, and support. Finding an organisation that checks all the boxes for planning, health, and safety, as well as having value-add, can feel impossible to find. 

It took us decades of experience in coordinating and managing camps to become a respected program, and now we are able to provide opportunities that ensure our travellers are able to take part in summer internship programmes abroad that balances fun with education, and takes the safety and wellbeing of programme participants as the number one priority. 

To double down on ensuring trip safety, we work with World Nomads Insurance so that summer interns can have top-notch care throughout their experience. Insurance includes: 

  • 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance, customer service and claims support
  • Ability to easily extend your policy to keep you on the road
  • Travel coverage for 200+ adventure activities
  • Up-to-date insurance information & safety advice to help you plan for your trip

Alongside insurance, taking part in well-established tours can ensure that your travels will be protected and enjoyable. At Camp Thailand, you’re given on-the-ground support throughout your trip and can always seek out further support from our in-house team at our Manchester-based HQ.  

A common reason why students feel overwhelmed and cautious towards applying to summer internship programmes abroad, instead choosing domestic or local internships, is due to the amount of paperwork and complex application processes they typically face. 

At Further Travel, we’ve worked to make the application process as streamlined as possible for all of our available programmes, so that you only have to focus on three steps: 

  1. Fill out our application form: Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to join our trip. The form is 3 questions and only takes around 5 minutes to complete. 
  2. Application review: Our team will review your application. We’ll get in touch within 2 hours to let you know if you’ve been approved to join one of our trips. 
  3. Pay your deposit: Secure your place with a deposit, which will let you access our portal where you’ll find pre-departure information and more.  

If you are interested in teaching or other summer internship programmes abroad, you can apply now or contact us for more info!

Camp Thailand Teaching Summer Internship Programmes 

Imagine a summer filled with balmy beach air, new friendships, and the ability to improve your teaching skills while bonding with the local community. Does this sound up your alley? At Camp Thailand, we offer two programmes that are centered around teaching English in Thailand schools: 

  1. Summer Teach 
  2. Teaching Placement 

With a 2022 study finding that significant teacher shortages in Thailand have left a negative impact on Thai student education, interning on the islands can make a tangible difference, providing additional support to students while you get to immerse yourself in Thai culture, language, and learn from the local community. 

Summer Teach Summer Internship Programme 

The Summer Teach programme is a 6-week program that offers an enriching opportunity for individuals to live and teach in Thailand during the summer, enhancing both their CV and their life experience. 

This program is tailored for those new to teaching overseas and want to test the waters before committing to longer-term placements, experienced educators seeking to explore teaching in Thailand, or anyone looking to make a positive impact while earning an income in a beautiful country.

At Summer Teach, you can take part  in various cultural and recreational activities to immerse yourself in Thai culture, such as:

Key requirements include: 

  1. Applicants must have a degree.
  2. Applicants must be either native English speakers, or be able to prove English fluency.
  3. Applicants must be in good physical and mental health
  4. Applicants must be between 20 and 50 years old.
  5. Applicants must be passport holders of any of the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia.
  6. Completion of a 120-hour TEFL Course (included)

Participants in the Summer Teach programme significantly impact the lives of children in Thailand by providing English language education. Summer interns contribute to enhancing the educational outcomes of their students and gain unique insights into Thai culture and educational systems. 

This teaching experience, coupled with the included TESOL certification, prepares interns for further teaching roles, both in Thailand and globally. Apply to teach today! 

Teaching Placement Summer Internship Programme

If you’re looking for an even more immersive summer internship programme, then you might be a better fit for our teaching placement program! Our Teaching Placement programme is an enriching initiative designed for those passionate about education and interested in experiencing life abroad. 

With options for 2-month or longer contracts, the programme offers a uniquely comprehensive teaching experience. This programme is ideal for those new to teaching English as a second language, as well as experienced educators looking for an adventure in a beautiful locale.

Key requirements include: 

  • Applicants must have a degree.
  • Must be a native English speaker.
  • Must provide a criminal background check.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health.
  • Must be between 20 and 50 years old.

The teaching placement program has a profound impact on both interns and the students they instruct. As interns share valuable English language skills with their students, they gain a deeper appreciation for Thai culture and educational systems.

This experience enhances intern résumés and encourages global connections, fostering a sense of international community and cultural understanding. Over the 2-month placement, interns can build strong ties and form lasting relationships within the local community.

After completing the TEFL course, interns are assigned to schools across Thailand, where they work from 8:30 AM to 4 PM on weekdays, with evenings and weekends off. The placement provides competitive compensation and recognizes public holidays.

If you’re interested in the program, you can apply now to begin your teaching journey. 

Join Further Travel’s Summer Internship Programmes!

Summer internship programmes should be enriching, exciting, and impactful. At Further Travel, we aim to create experiences that are holistic and provide students like you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Whether you spend 6 weeks or 4 months in Thailand, your time as a teaching summer intern can help you shine for future career prospects, and give you unforgettable memories as you bond with students and your fellow interns. 

You can start your teaching journey with Further Travel by looking through our application process and  applying now. If you have more questions that need answering, you can check out our FAQs or contact us for more information–we always love hearing from you! 

Interested in taking part in a summer internship programme but teaching isn’t your specialty? Here are some of our other summer internship programmes that may be up your alley: 

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