As a university student, you are probably in the midst of searching for internships to build your resume to be a top candidate during the job search. But did you know that volunteering opportunities for college students are both a rewarding experience and a research-proven way to increase job security? 

According to a 2013 report by the Corporation for National and Community Service, volunteering gives you a 27% greater chance of being employed by the end of the year than your  non-volunteering peers. This means that volunteering can actually be the key to invaluable impact and personal success–a win-win! 

In this article, we’ll be sharing some exciting volunteering opportunities for college students and how to apply, covering topics such as: 

  1. Why choose an international summer volunteering programme? 
  2. How to find international volunteering opportunities for college students
  3. Wildlife and sustainability volunteering opportunities for college students 
  4. English teaching volunteering opportunities for college students 
  5. Animal rescue volunteering opportunities for college student

Spending your summer volunteering shouldn’t mean that you also don’t have fun during your break. At Further Travel, we organise group volunteering opportunities for college students that merge adventure with service, and give you a chance to make a real impact on the communities you visit in some of the most incredible corners of the world. 

Whether you’re cleaning up beaches in the Maldives, working at a wildlife reserve in South Africa, or teaching English in Southeast Asia, our aim is to provide students with one-of-a-kind experiences to shape them as adventurers and leaders. 

Why Choose an International Summer Volunteering Programme? 

Choosing to participate in volunteering opportunities for college students abroad can have numerous benefits, both for your personal growth and global awareness. Here are some specific reasons why you should choose an international summer volunteering programme: 

  1. Hands-on approach to your degree 
  2. Gaining cultural exposure 
  3. Language proficiency 
  4. Career enhancement 

Hands-on Approach to Your Degree

Volunteering abroad during the summer provides an excellent opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations. Whether you're studying medicine, education, environmental science, or any other field, volunteering will help develop valuable skills and competencies that can complement your academic learning, such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Gaining Cultural Exposure 

Volunteering in a different country exposes you to diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life that you may not encounter in your home country. Immersing yourself in a new cultural environment fosters cultural understanding, empathy, and appreciation for diversity.

As you continue to build relationships with the local community as well as your fellow group of volunteers, you’ll be able to share your own cultural identity and understand cosmopolitan perspectives that can help you stand out when applying to jobs. 

Language Proficiency 

Being immersed in a foreign language environment is one of the most effective ways to improve language proficiency. Volunteering abroad allows you to practice and refine your language skills in real-life situations, such as communicating with local residents, collaborating with fellow volunteers, and participating in community activities.

Whether you're a beginner or already proficient in the language, the immersive experience of a summer volunteering programme can significantly enhance your linguistic abilities.

Career Enhancement 

Participating in a summer volunteering programme can enhance your CV and set you apart in the competitive job market. Employers value candidates who demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, cross-cultural competence, and global awareness, all of which are cultivated through volunteering abroad.

The skills and experiences gained during your volunteering stint, such as adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving, are highly transferable and relevant to various professions and industries.

Additionally, volunteering abroad can help you build a professional network and establish connections that may open doors to future career opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

How to Find International Volunteering Opportunities for College Students 

You’re now eager to spend your summer volunteering. But where do you find volunteering opportunities for college students? 

There are numerous ways you can go about finding opportunities to volunteer, each with their unique pros and cons. One thing to note is that you should check if these options account for your desire to work internationally, or if they only offer domestic volunteering programmes. 

Here are some ways you can find volunteering opportunities for college students: 

  1. Online platforms: A quick Google search can get you tons of results on volunteering opportunities. However, you should research each organisation thoroughly to ensure legitimacy, transparency, and ethical practices.
  2. University programmes: Many universities and colleges have partnerships with international organisations or run their own volunteer programmes. Keep in mind that they may have limited availability or be tailored to specific academic disciplines, potentially excluding students from other majors.
  3. Government sponsored programmes: You can look at government-sponsored programmes, such as the International Citizen Service, which offer international volunteering opportunities. These typically have competitive application processes and lengthy commitments. 
  4. Volunteering fairs and events: Attend volunteering fairs, events, or conferences where organisations showcase their international volunteering programs. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to meet representatives, ask questions, and gather information firsthand. This, of course, is under the assumption that there are events that are accessible to you travel and transportation wise. 

Why Choose Further Travel to Volunteer Abroad 

Finding a program that checks all of the boxes, both in terms of safety and value-add, is hard, to say the least. It took us decades of experience in coordinating and managing camps to become a respected programme, and now we are able to provide opportunities that ensure our travellers are able to volunteer abroad without additional worries of planning, organisation, and health and safety awareness. 

To double down on ensuring trip safety, we’ve teamed up with World Nomads Insurance, where you can get additional protections such as: 

  • 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance, customer service and claims support
  • Ability to easily extend your policy to keep you on the road
  • Travel coverage for 200+ adventure activities
  • Up-to-date insurance information & safety advice to help you plan for your trip

Alongside insurance, taking part in well-established tours can ensure that your travels will be protected and enjoyable. At Further Travel, you’re given on-the-ground support throughout your trip and can always seek out further support from our in-house team at our Manchester-based HQ.  

We’ve also simplified the application process, so that you can focus on packing and getting excited. Rather than having to fill out piles of forms and sitting through hours of processes, Further Travel’s application process is three clear steps: 

  1. Fill out our application form: Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to join our trip. The form is 3 questions and only takes around 2 minutes to complete. 
  2. Application review: Our team will review your application. We’ll get in touch within 12 hours to let you know if you’ve been approved to join one of our trips. 
  3. Pay your deposit: Secure your place with a deposit, which will let you access our portal where you’ll find pre-departure information and more.  

Our trips combine adventure with tangible impact, connecting college students with meaningful volunteering opportunities all across the globe. Apply or contact us for more info! 

Volunteering Opportunities for College Students in Bali 

Camp Bali Ultimate Impact is a 20-day adventure trip in Bali that combines cultural exploration, volunteering, and outdoor activities. Here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • Volunteer Work: Engage in various volunteer projects, including teaching English, working with dogs, and helping with turtle conservation. You might also participate in an NGO project that supports people with special needs, aiding with craft activities, gymnastics, and more.
  • Cultural Exploration: Visit Bali's temples, coffee plantations, monkey forests, and the famous rice terraces in Ubud. You can also explore the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padang Tegal, a popular attraction in Ubud.
  • Outdoor Adventures: The trip includes various activities such as white-water rafting, surfing lessons, and trips to Bali's stunning beaches. You'll also visit Nusa Penida, known for its beautiful scenery and unique landscapes.
  • Accommodations and Transportation: The trip covers accommodations, transport, and some meals (typically breakfast and a few lunches or dinners) during your stay. Guides are available to help make your experience fun, educational, and memorable.
  • Balanced Schedule: The trip is organised with a balance of free time, scheduled activities, and optional excursions. This balance ensures that you can enjoy both structured experiences and leisure time to explore Bali on your own​

Ultimate Impact Programme Volunteering Opportunities 

If you are someone who is interested in more than one field, and don’t want to be tied down to a singular volunteering project throughout your summer, then Camp Bali’s programme, Bali Ultimate Impact, is a perfect fit! With this programme, you will be able to take part in multiple different volunteering opportunities. We’ve broken it down do which day you will be doing what, so you can get a glimpse of your month’s schedule:  

  • NGO volunteering project (Day 3-4): During Day 3 and 4, volunteers help out at a local NGO that works with people with special needs. Activities include teaching classes, craft activities, painting, and cooking. The local teachers guide the volunteers, providing a rewarding and beneficial experience. Breakfast and lunch are included​​.
  • Return to NGO projects (Day 6): After a day of rest, you will be able to go back to the community learning centre to support local NGO projects. This experience lets you make a meaningful impact on the local community, and develop closer relationships with community members. 
  • Volunteering at a Dog Sanctuary (Day 8): On this day, you’ll get to volunteer at one of many dog shelters in Bali. They work with a non-profit organisation that provides sanctuary for rescued animals. Volunteers engage in various tasks like cleaning, feeding, playing with the dogs, taking them for walks, or just giving them warm cuddles. Afterward, there's a visit to Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali's most beautiful and sacred sites​​.
  • Volunteering at Serangan Turtle Conservation (Day 10-11): Days 10 and 11 are dedicated to taking care of endangered Balinese turtles. Volunteers help feed these majestic sea creatures, maintain the sanctuary grounds, clean enclosures, support environmental education programmes, and participate in beach clean-ups

If you want to start your Camp Bali journey, you can apply now or contact us for more info! 

Save the Beach with Camp Maldives

Volunteering opportunities for college students can involve beach clean ups and environmental efforts.
Image Source: Unsplash 

Are you interested in environmentalism, marine life, and biology? If the ocean is calling your name, then Camp Maldives is a great programme to spend your summer. Camp Maldives is a 16-day packed group programme where you will be able to balance adventure and impact. Some key experiences you will have include: 

  • Volunteer Work: With a specific focus on saving beach life, you’ll be able to learn how Bali’s ecosystem has been affected by climate change, and make a tangible impact by working with local nonprofits. 
  • Connecting with the community: Spend some time with the locals to really understand the Maldivian culture. You’ll play Bashi (a sport created and played by local women), learn a few key phrases and use rope knotting techniques to repair and build furniture.
  • Enjoying water sports: From kayaking to paddle boarding, you’ll be able to enjoy clear waters with friends as the sun sets on the horizon. 
  • Local cooking class: A local Maldivian will demonstrate how to make mashuni and roshi, two famous local Maldivian dishes! This will be an opportunity for you to test your skills at making both as well as tasting the food you make.

Camp Maldives Environmentalism Volunteering Opportunities for College Students 

At Camp Maldives, you’ll have three dedicated days towards volunteering, geared towards conservation and environmentalism to save wildlife and the half of turtle species going extinct. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Meet Save the Beach (Day 2): After settling in and unpacking your bags, you’ll be able to discover the quieter side of life by exploring the smaller island of Villimale. You’ll learn about the conservation challenges arising from both tourism development and coastal development, unique to small island nations, and how you can leave a positive impact during your stay. 
  • Conservation Day (Day 6): Despite being one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet, sea grass is considered unsightly, and is often deliberately removed. You’ll learn the importance of seagrass and why we call it the hero of underwater protection. Venture into the lagoon to discover and identify sea grass.
  • Island Clean Up (Day 11): Join forces again with the local community for a beach clean-up. Beach clean-ups are an extremely important event to help mitigate the problems caused by ocean debris and the danger inflicted on marine life as a result of plastic pollution, so it’s important we do our bit.

If you are interested in helping save our beaches and planet with Camp Maldives, you can apply now or contact us to learn more. 

Volunteering Opportunities for College Students in Thailand 

At Further Travel’s Camp Thailand, we provide three programmes that centre volunteering as a pillar throughout your adventures, all while exploring the islands, making new friends, and touring UNESCO World Heritage sites

  1. Rescue Paws 
  2. Summer Teach 
  3. Teaching Placement 

Rescue Paws 

If you are a dog lover or a student interested in veterinary studies, Camp Thailand’s Rescue Paws programme could be a great way to turn your passions into real-life action. 

During your time in Thailand, you will be working with local organisation, Rescue P.A.W.S, helping them with responsibilities such as: 

  • Fieldwork involving stray animal behaviour and sterilisation efforts to control the stray population.
  • Daily care that builds relationships and ensures the dogs' well-being.
  • Health checks and medical procedures to maintain health standards.
  • Media and marketing opportunities to promote the organisation and its mission.

In two weeks, you’ll have a genuine impact on the stray dog epidemic on the islands, and gain practical knowledge on animal rights, care, and health. If you are interested in helping some furry friends, you can apply now or contact us for more info. 

Summer Teach Program 

The Summer Teach programme offers an enriching opportunity for post grad students to live and teach in Thailand during the summer, and can be especially helpful for those who want to pursue a career in education. 

This programme is designed for those new to teaching overseas who wish to try it out before committing to longer periods, experienced teachers desiring to explore teaching in Thailand, or anyone looking to make a difference and earn some money while experiencing life in a beautiful country. 

Participants in the Summer Teach programme significantly impact the lives of children in Thailand by providing English language education. The six-week teaching placement enables a cultural exchange that benefits both the local communities and the volunteers. 

With the included TESOL certification and hands-on approach to your degree learnings, participants will be prepared for future teaching roles, both in Thailand and globally. Apply to teach today! 

Teaching Placement Program 

If you’re looking for an even more immersive and longer stay teaching program, then you might be a better fit for our teaching placement programme! The Teaching Placement programme in Thailand is an enriching initiative designed for individuals passionate about education and interested in experiencing life abroad. 

With options for 2-month or longer contracts, the programme offers a uniquely comprehensive teaching experience. This programme is ideal for those new to teaching English as a second language. 

If you are interested in bonding with the local community, mastering your teaching skills, and are looking out for longer volunteering opportunities, you can apply now

Land Volunteering Opportunities for College Students Today with Further Travel! 

From turtle conservation to teaching English, volunteering opportunities with Further Travel are diverse and ready for you to explore! 

If you want to join a community of college students who want to do good, make friends, and take part in exciting adventures, you can join us to begin your volunteering journey. 

Ready to launch your summer of volunteering? You can start here and provide the necessary information to move your application forward. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us for more information–we love hearing from you

Apr 30, 2024
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