We all know that taking photos isn’t everything whilst travelling but when you’re somewhere as beautiful as Bali, getting a few great snaps for the ‘gram can’t hurt right?

Bali is one of the most instafamous places on earth, famous for unique landscapes, spas, food and beaches so we’re here to show you all of the best spots to make sure your trip (and instagram feed) is next level! And don’t worry if you’re not a pro photographer, the stunning scenery does all the hard work for you!

1.  Rice Terraces

Now you might be thinking, a rice terrace? Isn’t that basically a farm? Well you’re wrong! The rice terraces in Bali are iconic and among the most beautiful places in the world. All over the Ubud region you’ll find terraced hillsides full of rice paddies surrounded by lush greenery. Many of them are open for tourists, with large jungle swings and winding paths through the terrace so you can get a view of this beautiful area from all angles!

2. Ubud Monkey Forest

Another great attraction in Ubud is the famous Monkey Forest. This is where all those great monkey selfies you see all over social media are taken, and now it’s your turn!

The Monkey Forest is a sanctuary and natural habitat for the Balinese long-tailed monkey. About 1049 monkeys live in this sanctuary, so plenty there to take some great photos of. Also the forest itself is amazing to explore! Just be sure to ask one of the staff to help you if you want to take the famous monkey selfie!

3. Kelingking Beach

This is definitely up there as one of the most beautiful (and most photographed) places in Bali. The viewpoint at the top is easy to get to with a massive visitor car park next door but you’ll have to battle the crowds to get the perfect pic from up here. To really get the full experience, battle the climb down to the beach. The stunning white sand and clear water is well worth the hike down to the bottom and most of the crowd stays at the top, making it the perfect place to get those dream tropical paradise photos with no people in the background! Did someone say private beach?!

4. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is possibly the most stunning beach in Bali and is up there with one of the best in the world. The contrast between the white sand and sharp blue water, nestled under limestone cliffs, is what makes this spot truly iconic.

This is another beach that requires a bit of a walk but it’s nowhere near as difficult as Kelingking and we’d definitely recommend it! You really have to see the sand to believe it!

5. Broken Beach

Broken Beach is a beautiful scenic coastal formation on the southwestern edge of Nusa Penida. The star landmark of the area is the rock arch formation, it is a great spot for travel photographers due to the stunning panoramic views! There are even special platforms dotted around to give you a better angle!

You can sit and watch the waves crashing in from the Indian Ocean and if you’re really lucky you may even spot the silhouettes of the giant manta rays near the surface of the clear blue water!

6. Heaven’s Gate, Lempuyang

Lempuyang Temple, or as us westerners like to call it, ‘Heaven’s Gate’, is a picturesque temple located a few hours east of  Ubud.

Nestled in the highlands of Mount Lempuyang, sitting 1,775m above sea level these iconic gates have become so popular that the temple staff have implemented a queuing system and there are people on hand specially to help you get the best possible picture.

If you’re lucky enough to go on a clear day, you can see Mount Agung in the background. Don’t be late though as the queue can be long and may be full as early as 3pm.

7. Beach Clubs

If you’re looking for a little luxury during your time in Bali, head to one of the fantastic beach clubs dotted around the island.  Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Potato Head

Potato Head Beach Club is the regular host for the Ultra Beach Bali EDM festival and is located right on the beach with a great infinity pool and swim up bar. With Cabanas all around, it’s easy to feel like an A list celebrity here. So put your best swim suit on, as this is a prime place for a photo shoot. Be sure to stay into the evening when a DJ arrives and watch the gorgeous sunset over the beach whilst sipping on a cocktail, the dream right?

  • Jungle Fish

Nestled in the middle of the jungle just outside of Ubud, the aptly named Jungle Fish truly is an oasis with an infinity pool looking out over the greenery. With hanging day beds and an extensive cocktail menu, you could easily spend a day lounging around.

  • Mrs Sippy

Home to the largest salt water pool in Bali and some of the best pool parties, Mrs Sippy definitely should be on your list! With swings, large sunbeds, high diving boards and luxury bean bags to lie on in the pool, this Insta-ready beach club is one not to miss

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Much love, Camp Bali Team x

Oct 1, 2022

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